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Glass Coating|Our professional staff will polish your car while you’re parked at our Roppongi Hills Shop, Yokohama Landmark Tower Shop or at one of our other convenient locations.

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Glass Coating

Try Car Care Center’s signature car coating, it’s guaranteed to protect your car body’s shine and preserve its gloss.
The coating agent will guard your car from UV rays, infrared rays, paint decay and deterioration.
Below you will find a list of our coating services.

  1. Washing
    At Car Care Center, we begin by rinsing off any sand and dust using “pure deoxidized water” before carefully washing your car.
  2. Iron Powder Removal
    2Iron Powder Removal
    With our special removal pad and putty, we will remove any iron powder from your car.
  3. Taping
    Using masking tape, we will tape off any areas that are not due to be polished.
  4. Car Polish
    4Car Polish
    With our special car polisher, small scratches will be removed from the body of your car.
  5. Degreasing
    In order to get rid of grease left from the car polisher, your car will be washed again. We will be thoroughly rinsing your car with pure water.
  6. Drying
    With a specialized air dryer, water droplets bounce off the surface of the vehicle, any excess water will be wiped away with a soft cloth.
  7. Coating Agent Application
    7Coating Agent Application
    We apply the coating agent evenly to the surface of your car.
  8. Finishing
    With a micro fiber towel, we gently wipe away any access coating agent.

Service prices may vary according to each shop.

We Provide Quick Glass Coating Services

We staff, are aware that each car is different and has different requirements. Therefore, we take on countless methods to ensure that every vehicle, regardless of make, recieves a clean finish. At Car Care Center, we have highly experienced staff with specialized knowledge of high-end car brands. These highly qualified staff will be able to provide, or suggest glass coating services to best suit customers needs. For customers who choose a “smart life”, we provide an effective and speedy car care service.

Create Long-lasting Shine for Your Vehicle with Glass Coating

There are many different coating agents on the market, but for a long lasting effect, “glass coating” is the best choice. At Car Care Center, we use a variety of carefully selected, highly regarded brands; such as ECHELON NANO-FIL and Hi-Mohs Coat. Our highly experienced staff will coat your vehicle using advanced technology with an optimized glass coating agent. This will leave your car with long-lasting protection.

Save Time with Glass Coating

Once a vehicle is coated with our long-lasting glass coating, it creates a sturdy barrier - protecting the car from dust, dirt, rain and water. In cases where dirt does manage to ad-here to the car’s surface, with proper washing, such as hand washing, the vehicle will be restored to it’s new-car finish. At Car Care Center, staff can will wash glass coated vehi-cles and restore them to a like-new shine in less than 30 minutes. Even in combination with our interior cleaning services, our staff will take only an hour at most to thoroughly clean your vehicle.This means, customers can conveniently have their car washed while they shop or work. Visit Car Care Center for glass coating services and hand car washing services for a “smart” car life.

Get Certified Glass Coating Technician

At Car Care Center, we have a hands-on experienced technicians with specialized knowledge on chemicals, vehicles, coating agents and car washing. We take pride in our glass coating service, so technicians are required to pass rigorous testing in order to be-come a member of our glass coat staff. With this special testing method, there is uniformi-ty in all of our coating applications, guaranteeing our customers continual top quality ser-vice at every visit. All of our Car Care Center staff exhibits great knowledge and judge-ment on deciding what tools or materials can be used; they can identify iron powder, left-over coating and car wax.