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Car Coating Agent|Our professional staff will polish your car while you’re parked at our Roppongi Hills Shop, Yokohama Landmark Tower Shop or at one of our other convenient locations.

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Our Selection of Hand Selected Coating Agents.

At Car Care Center, we know the importance of providing the best quality and most reliable products to our customers.
We therefore, have personally selected the coating agents we use at our shops and we stand behind their excellency.

Uses the Latest Ultra Smooth Water Based Coating Technology「Echelon NANO-FIL」


The NANO-FIL takes the traditional FE-1043 a step further. While keeping its “strong” and “beautiful” fin-ish, NANO-FIL protects surfaces from acid rain, sap, animal droppings, sand, and pollen.

“How to protect painted surfaces and maintain beauty.”
In addition to improved coating quality, the makers of NANO-FIL took the natural abilities of their previous coating agents and developed this new generation coating agent.

Glossy & Shines Like Porcelain

This cross-linked coating structure is malleable yet hard and creates porcelain-like shine with a deep polish finish.
Our highly-trained professional detailing staff will employ superior polishing techniques that will make any car look like new.
In addition to making your car shine like new, the car coating protects against color fading in intense UV exposure to help maintain its beautiful shine.


Ultra-Smooth Water = Ultra-Dirt Resistant

White water spots are caused mainly by minerals left behind from evaporated water droplets.
By using NANO-FIL, water droplets are reshaped before adhering to the coated surface.
In addition, the coat resists against the water, making water droplets slide easily off coated surfaces.
This also makes for reduced dirt adherence on the coated surfaces every day cleaning becomes less of a hassle.


The Numerous Benefits of the Newly Developed Structured Coat:

The newly developed ‘3D Network Structured Coat’ has a great performance in making surfaces resistant against external damage as well as dirt resistant. It’s long-lasting and makes for a porcelain-like shine.
The ‘3D Network Structured Coat’ maintains the hardness of conventional glass coating agents but solves the single coat problem which lacked the ability to cushion surfaces and prevent against damages.
The newly developed ‘3D Network Structure Coat’ has the ability to adhere perfectly and the flexibility to keep damages from occurring on the painted surface.
NANO-FIL has picked out only the best ingredients to make this coating agent.

Surprisingly Hard & Flexible 3D Network Structured Coat

Demonstrates Surprising Barrier Performance「Soft99 Hi-MOHS Coat」

Soft99 Hi-MOHS Coat

Hi-MOHS Coat - coats your vehicle with a two-layer coating agent that will produce a barrier to prevent dirt from adhering while keeping a hardness degree of quartz. The procedure includes applying a “fine primer coat” and a “super water-resistant top coat”.
*The name “Mohs” comes from geologist Friedrich Mohs; who invented the Mohs Scale of Hardness to ar-range minerals from softest (No.1) to hardest (No. 10).
The name itself proves how durable this coat is.

In addition to its high durability, the coat has a high performance in water and oil repellency.
Not only is the durability great, the appearance of the vehicle after it’s been coated is perfection. The coat gives off a porcelain shine; leaving a deep, high quality shine, like as if it has been submerged in enamel.
We can’t lie, this product is a big purchase, but you will be sure to be satisfied with the outcome. We recom-mend this coating service with pride.

The Secret Behind the Durability

The two layer coat Hi-MOHS Coat boasts in durability performance through a firm chemical bond which is 4 times stronger than the conventional brand.
Hi-MOHS Coat coats your vehicle with a two-layer coating agent that will produce a barrier to prevent dirt from adhering.
The role of the top coat is to strengthen the base coat. The two coats combine to create the coat that’s hard as a quartz crystal.

High Performance in Water & Oil Resistance


The top coat contains fluorine that creates a barrier, shielding the car body from water based and oil based grime.
As a result, coated surfaces will only be needing water when washing.
In addition to the hassle-free washing process, the effect is long lasting so vehicles will be kept clean for a long time.

You Can Count on Hi-MOHS Coat

  • 耐摩耗テスト 表
  • テスト後の表面状態
  • 防汚性テスト 1
  • 防汚性テスト 2

Below are the results of an experiment that’s been conducted to compare a conventional coat and Hi-MOHS coat.

Abrasion Resistance Experiment 1:Wash Resistance
The experiment was conducted with a regular, store car wash shampoo with buffing agent. After a couple of washes, the conventional brand coating agent reduced its effect of the contact angle, while the Hi-MOHS coat didn’t have much of a difference. Hi-MOHS coat has very high resistance compared to other conventional brand.
Abrasion Resistance Experiment 2:Scratch Resistance
For the test conducted, there was a microfiber cloth attached to the experiment car wash machine, both surfac-es were buffed 500 times. The Hi-MOHS coated surface had less scratches and showed that it was high in scratch resistance.
Dirt Resistance Experiment 1 : Permanent Marker Test
On the right half of the glass, we coated the surface with Hi-MOHS coat and the conventional brand coat. We marked the side with permanent marker and tried to remove the marker stains with alcohol. The area coated with the Hi-MOHS coat easily.
Dirt Resistance Experiment 2: Carbon Test
On the right half of the glass, we coated the surface with Hi-MOHS coat and the conventional brand coat. For the test, we stuck carbon dust onto the coated surfaces and then rinsed off with water a couple of times with a carwash sponge. The area coated with the Hi-MOHS coat removed most of the carbon and left behind a little carbon dust.

Wax in High Quality Shine & Durability「Zymöl Wax」

Zymöl wax

You may think, “Wax in this generation?” This car wax is special and has a lot to offer.
The brand that we use, Zymöl Titanium Glaze, is a specially formulated car care wax made with 51% combi-nation high quality Brazilian carnauba wax and 100% plant based high quality wax brand. Unlike cheap wax brands that use oil based agents or buffing agent, Zymöl wax will not damage coated surfaces. In addition, you will be surprised by the quality of shine and durability.

This special wax melts with the heat of your hand and you can gently spread the product. At Car Care Center, our experienced staff will coat your car with great care. The moist-looking finish is sure to make repeat cus-tomers.

Service prices may vary according to each shop.