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Professional Hand-Wash|Our professional staff will polish your car while you’re parked at our Roppongi Hills Shop, Yokohama Landmark Tower Shop or at one of our other convenient locations.



Professional Hand-Wash

Make Car Care Center your choice for quick and quality hand car wash services.
We take pride in providing our customers professional services at our store.
Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will serve customers with top-quality services.

We take pride in providing our customers professional services at our store.
Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will serve customers with top-quality services.

  1. High Pressure Wash
    1High Pressure Wash
    A pressure washer, using only water, is first used to rinse off any sand and other residue from the vehicle.
  2. Wheel Wash
    2Wheel Wash
    Realizing that first impressions come down to the wheel of your car, our diligent staff will thoroughly clean every corner of the wheels using both a sponge and a brush.
  3. Vehicle Body Wash
    3Vehicle Body Wash
    With a soft sponge and specialized car shampoo, our staff will gently and carefully wash your car.
  4. Finishing Touches
    4Finishing Touches
    Using plenty of pure water, our staff will rinse off any remaining soap bubbles and gently wipe the vehicle clean with a specially designed cloth.
  5. Drying Off
    5Drying Off
    Any remaining water droplets will be dried using a hand dryer.
  6. Tire Waxing
    6Tire Waxing
    The tires surfaces are coated with wax ensuring a beautiful shine.

The Finished Look

  • before before
  • after after

Service prices may vary according to each shop.

Our Hand Carwash Technicians Specialize in Luxury Cars

We take pride in our long history of providing specialized care for luxury cars and answering our customers’ needs. In addition to our history and skilled staff, our work ethic means you can feel completely secure in en-trusting your vehicle to us.

The Secret to Our Hand Carwash Service

In order for a vehicle to be thoroughly cleaned it naturally must be washed. After washing, maintaining a beau-tiful car shine can be easy if the vehicle has been “correctly” washed by hand and coated with glass coating. What does it mean to “correctly wash” a car? Correctly washing a car means washing a car in such a way that absolutely no scratching or damages occur to the car body during the process.

The Importance of Knowing How to Correctly Wash a Car

Properly washing a car by hand is not a simple or easy task. In order to be performed properly, staff must be trained on the right way to wash and care for vehicles. While it might seem easy to simply wash vehicles, without the right knowledge and skill set, the vehicle’s body may be easily scratched. At Car Care Center, we provide the highest quality hand car wash for luxury cars in areas like Ginza and Roppongi. Try out our first-class hand car wash techniques on your prized vehicle.

We Wash with Deionized Water

Car Care Center's hand car wash uses ’deionized water’. This special water isn't only used in our hand car wash but also for our coating service. Using deionized water controls impurities and unexpected chemical reactions. Also, deionized water brings out the glossy body of luxury and premium cars. Our company sticks to real car care, and are very choosy when it comes to the type of water we use when washing our customers' vehicles.

Exclusive Tools and Chemicals

For luxury cars with a delicate coat design, it’s vital that the right chemicals and tools be used at the time of servicing. At Car Care Center, we chose only the best chemical and tools for our services. With the best tools at our disposal, we are able to take care of our customers’ vehicles while simultaneously providing speedy ser-vice. Car Care Center is committed to providing our customers superior hand car wash services.

To the Finest Details

When compared to exterior cleanliness, the interior of most cars is often neglected. Due to the complexity of a car’s interior shape, it often makes it difficult to see dirt at just one glance. The truth is that the interior of most vehicles is quite dirty, especially as we enter with shoes.

Complex Interiors Require Skilled Technicians

Steering wheels made from real leather and suede material; console and instrument panels made of mahogany; and delicately stitched seats, are all made from different materials, making them very complicated to clean. The staff at Car Care Center are highly experienced and know how to handle a wide variety of different materials.