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Deionized Water Hand CarWash|Our professional staff will polish your car while you’re parked at our Roppongi Hills Shop, Yokohama Landmark Tower Shop or at one of our other convenient locations.



Our Hand Carwash Service Uses Deionized Water.

The deionized water we use at the end of the car wash takes cleaning to a whole new level and makes for a pure finish.

What is Deionized Water?


Highly pure water doesn’t contain pollutants.
Even safe drinking water from a tap that’s been filtered at a purification plant, will contain minerals (like calci-um) and small amounts of chlorine residue that has been left behind after being purified.
At our shops, we use deionized water film forming equipment, which removes minerals and chlorine residue making a pure water car wash finish.

Why use deionized water for hand car wash services?


For drinking water, minerals left behind can add nutritional supplements for the body, but on car bodies, these minerals leave behind a white residue - ion deposit. This happens often when a car body part or kitchen sur-face is left wet. This white residue can be prevented by using deionized water.

Also, wiping the car down cannot prevent against this white spot build-up, and it may cause dulling of the car’s paint color over time. Deionized water has all of the mineral ions removed so white residue won’t be left behind and vehicles maintain their shine. Deionized water is used in many products like precision machinery components and contact lens formulas, so this water has a high cleansing power and won’t leave any unwant-ed residue behind. In using this water in the rinsing off process, we are able to achieve tremendous results.

At Car Care Center, we want vehicles to not only look clean right after a wash, but also to be able to maintain that beautiful finish. That is why we decided to use this special cleansing water for rinsing. Stop by our shop and be amazed!

All of our car wash service menus include the “deionized water finish”.

Service prices may vary according to each shop.