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Inquiry by Phone 03-3571-3581

Inquiry by Phone 045-225-0118

Inquiry by Phone 03-5772-0055

Inquiry by Phone 045-820-2855

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Roppongi Hills Shop|Our professional staff will polish your car while you’re parked at our Roppongi Hills Shop, Yokohama Landmark Tower Shop or at one of our other convenient locations.

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Shop List

Roppongi Hills Shop

Tokyo, Minato-ku Roppongi 6-10-1
Roppongi Hills P2 Parking Garage B3F
Business Hours
Weekdays, Saturday, Sundays and Holidays 10am - 7pm
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Parking expenses are included in the fee while we wash your car!

How to get to our Roppongi Hills Location

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Please follow the navigation sign at the entrance of P2 parking structure and follow the ramp. Proceed on the ramp to B3 floor (Image [1],[2])
Customers will find our shop’s signboard when you entering B3. Follow the navigation signs. (Image [3])
Continue to follow the areas leading to our shop. (Image [4], [5])
Proceed to the F Block on the B3 Floor. (Image [6],[7])
Customers will find our service counter on the left side, please drive past it and make a left at the end (Image [8])
Turn right towards the F Block, which is near the exit of the B3 floor. (Image [9],[10],[11])Our shop is on the left side. (Image [12])
For services, we advise customers to park their car first.


Our Roppongi Car Care Shop is Located in One of Roppongi’s Landmarks, Roppongi Hills

Roppongi is an area surrounded by global companies in industries such as media, IT, and finance. This area is the core of Tokyo. The people who gather here are highly qualified and understand the importance of a work/life balance. This means that expectations are high when it comes to getting their vehicle maintenance. Car Care Center’s glass coating and carwash service is located in the heart of Roppongi making it easy for us to provide those whose life revolves around this area, a ‘car life support’ with advanced polishing technology.

We Provide Car Coating and Car Wash Services that Fit Roppongi

We understand the value of time for our customers who are working in the business field. This is why when we are entrusted with customer’s, who either live or work in Roppongi, vehicle we want to give service that match their values. At Car Care Center’s Roppongi Shop, we give quality services using the best technology. We also aim to give quick and speedy glass coating and car wash services. Our staff are experienced experts services for luxury and rare vehicles. You can count on Car Care Center to provide customers quick, gentle, and detailed services.

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Glass Coating
Glass Coating
Try Car Care Center’s signature car coat that is guaranteed to protect your car body’s shine and preserve its gloss. The coating agent will guard your car from UV rays, infrared rays, paint decay and deterioration.
Professional Hand Carwash
Professional Hand Carwash
Cars will be carefully hand-washed with car shampoo. We highly recommend this service for car owners who want to clean off rain-spots or for those who want to maintain their car’s shine.

A Message From Our Store Manager


Welcome to Roppongi Hills Shop, I am the store manager, Matsuzawa.
To make the best use of our Roppongi Hills location, we recommend taking advantage of our services while you work or shop.

At Car Care Center, we use pure water to ensure a beautiful finish. Please don’t hesitate to try it out!
The Roppongi Hills Location is prone to crowds. In order to best serve our customers we accept reservations by phone to avoid the crowd.

We at Car Care Center are looking forward to serving you!

Car Care Center is Your Go-To for Hand Car-Washing and Glass Coating Services in Roppongi

Car Care Center’s Roppongi Hills Shop provides customers with quick, gentle and detailed services using Japan’s advanced car care technology

Roppongi is filled with well-known global companies, many world embassy offices, and plenty of Mori art museums and galleries. It’s a place where people from all over the world gather. Roppongi is also a place where Japan keeps its political and business affairs, art triangle and gathers information on what’s trending right now. Roppongi is one of the most fast-paced areas in Japan, so we at Car Care Center aim to match this speed and quality. At Car Care Center Roppongi Hills Shop, our aim is to upgrade our customers’ vehicles with our top-class car care services.

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