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Inquiry by Phone 03-3571-3581

Inquiry by Phone 045-225-0118

Inquiry by Phone 03-5772-0055

Inquiry by Phone 045-820-2855

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Yokohama Landmark Tower Shop|Our professional staff will polish your car while you’re parked at our Roppongi Hills Shop, Yokohama Landmark Tower Shop or at one of our other convenient locations.

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Yokohama Landmark Tower Shop

Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama-shi Nishi-ku Minatomirai 2-2-1-1
Landmark Tower Parking Garage B1F
Business Hours
Weekdays, Saturday, Sundays and Holidays 10am - 7pm
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Parking expenses are included in the fee while we wash your car!

How to get to our Yokohama Landmark Tower Location

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  • Route 4
  • Route 5

Yokohama Landmark Tower has three entrances to the parking structure. (Images [1], [4], [5]) [1] and [4] are located in the same building and lead to the same gate, so there’s technically only two entrances.

In order to use Car Care Center’s services, please use the [1] or [4] entrance, from here it’s much easier to nav-igate to the facility. Of course, you may also use the [5] entrance.
Inside the parking lot structure, you will find signs that will lead you to our shop, please follow these directions and in order to reach our facility.

For access, take the exit at the Shuto Expressway (or Metropolitan Expressway) Minatomirai and go right at the ‘Keyaki Toori Nishi’ intersection and you will see the [1] entrance. If you miss the Keyaki Toori Nishi intersection, you may find the [4] entrance if you take a left at ‘Sakura Toori Nishi’ intersection.


Car Care Specialist Store Located at Yokohama’s Landmark, Yokohama Landmark Tower

Yokohama Landmark Tower stands tall in Minato Miraiarea in Kanagawa Prefecture. Yokohama is known to be an international city, filled with diversity and originality. Not only is this area a hub, Shin-Yokohama and Yokohama's surrounding areas have ties with many cities located outside of Japan; making it valuable for large scale marketing and other business transactions. At Yokohama Landmark Tower, Car Care Center has expanded its glass coating and hand car wash services. We are popular with customers living near the bay area, Yokohama’s port, and the high-end luxury houses in the Naka-ku Yamate area.

Our Aim is Providing Yokohama with No.1 Glass Coating and Hand Car Wash Services

A pioneering, International City, Yokohama, is a city filled with history, as well as the latest culture, gour-met and fashion. From 2005, according to Think Tank, Yokohama City is ranked first as one of the top "most livable cities." With various locations in the Kanto region; Yokohama, Roppongi, Ginza, and Higashi Totsuka - Car Care Center provides glass coating and hand car washing specialist services. We take pride in our services and strive to provide the best and highest quality car care services to Yokohama customers.

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Glass Coating
Glass Coating
Try Car Care Center’s signature car coat that is guaranteed to protect your car body’s shine and preserve its gloss. The coating agent will guard your car from UV rays, infrared rays, paint decay and deterioration.
Professional Hand Carwash
Professional Hand Carwash
Cars will be carefully hand-washed with car shampoo. We highly recommend this service for car owners who want to clean off rain-spots or for those who want to maintain their car’s shine.

A Message From Our Store Manager

Our Store Manager

Welcome to our Yokohama Landmark Shop, I am Hashizume, the store manager here.
This is our 17th year in business and we have updated our carwash menu with great deals on set menus and more.
Our aim is to do our best to satisfy our customers. If customers have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us anytime.

For Glass Coating and Hand Car Wash Services in Yokohama, Head On Over to Our Car Care Center Yokohama Landmark Tower Store.

Glass coating and hand car wash expertise store located in the city by the bay, Car Care Center Yokohama Landmark Tower

Companies from around the world gather in the town of Yokohama. One of the reasons for this is the area’s proximity to a number of research institute bases, with Haneda Airport and Yokohama Science Frontier nearby. Yokohama is also one of the largest metropolises of Japan and is known for having refined taste and culture. At Car Care Center Yokohama Landmark Tower, we support Yokohama car life by providing top quality glass coating and hand car washing services.

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