Ultimate Interior CoatingNewly Launched Product-YAWARA

World’s First Water-Based Leather Coating

Hardness 0 – Stick to the right materials

Most coating agents use hard materials to protect painted surfaces.
YAWARA goes against this idea by covering the area that needs to be protected with a soft silicone-like resin that protects painted surfaces by absorbing any impact.
This product is not only water-based but is also a soft-type coating agent with the resistant power that beats oil based coating agents.
Experience the “zero hardness”.

YAWARA Will Change The Way Of Maintaining And Cleaning Your Vehicle Seats

By coating your interior surfaces with YAWARA, users will be able to maintain and protect seats from dirt, color fading, and small scratches for a long period of time.
The maintenance of keeping the seats clean after coating is simple; all you need to do is lightly wipe the surface with water. By choosing YAWARA, cleaning genuine leather and Alcantara material seats is a breeze!

The Merits

  • ● Wax Coating Is Unnecessary
  • ● Prevents Color Transferring From Jean Pants
  • ● Helps Maintain The Glossy Finish Of Black Leather
  • ● Prevents Fading From UV Rays
  • ● Strong Coat Prevents Scratches Caused By Friction
  • ● Maintains Its Effectiveness For 3 Years
  • ● Maintains Seats Original Shine By Allowing The Fabric To Breathe

Dirt Permeability Test With A Permanent Marker

YAWARA's Features

POINT1 Protects The Seats From Various Forms Of Dirt ~Maintenance is easy! Just wipe the surface with cloth and water!~

One of the problems most car owners face is keeping their car seats clean. It’s especially hard to maintain white or very light seats. We can fix this problem with the YAWARA coating agent! By coating car seats with YAWARA, we can prevent color transferring from jeans or other items.
Of course, this product not only prevents color transferring from clothes, but also pre-vents other marks from adhering to the surfaces; making clean-up incredibly easy. You also won’t have to worry about permanent marker stains; with our professional agent and coating agent, you’ll be able to take it off with one wipe! If parts of the coating come off, we only do touch-ups on those parts.

POINT2 We Maintain Your Seat’s Original Texture ~The coat is odor-free~

What do you think of when you hear “seat coating”? Many think of negative attributes such as artificial shine, reduced texture and very intense smell.
YAWARA not only maintains seats original shine but also protects fading from strong UV rays. Of course, not only does the product preserve your car seat’s shine and texture, the product doesn’t leave behind a strong scent.

POINT3 One Coat Can Protect Your Vehicle For Up To 3 Years

An experiment was conducted where a 80 kg (176 lb.) person went about their regular everyday life; sitting on the seat an average of 10 times a day for 365 days. This process was repeated for two more years with a total use of 11,000 times. The results of this test proved that the coating did not wear down in spite of continual use.

Performance Demonstration


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